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Counseling Services Offered

I believe that people already have the tools within them to succeed, find their inner peace and live up to their potential; I am simply here to assist you on that journey. I offer individualized treatment plans to help support each person's unique needs. What are some potential benefits of both individual & couple's counseling? Development of coping skills to help manage/reduce daily stressors; Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression; Increase self confidence & motivation; Increase positive sleep hygiene; Goal setting & follow through; Relapse prevention; Improvement in communication & interpersonal relationships; Support around family planning, infidelity, finances.

"Mindfulness"; a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging & accepting one's feelings, thoughts & bodily sesnsations. This is the basis of my practice and I incorporate the use of meditation, yoga, deep breathing and grounding techniques.

Individual Counselin​g

Helps individuals learn to cope with a variety of stressors including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and recovery. The primary service I offer is weekly psychotherapy, which promotes faster healing and process.  My practice is Strength's Based and Brief Solution Focused. I also specialize in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for help with the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems. 

Couples Counseling

Is there one specific issue or an ongoing conflict within your relationship? I can help facilitate improvement in relationship satisfaction and communication, as well as providing an objective and supportive space to assist with topics such as money, parenting styles, infidelity and trust

My treatment is called Solution-Focused Therapy, it is not solely “Problem-Focused”, which may lead to feeling frustrated and discouraged. Unlike traditional problem-driven approaches, Solution-Focused Therapy helps clients recognize their internal resources, identify personal strengths, and build on what is already working for them.

*Please note: I do not accept insurance at this time for couples counseling sessions. Contact me directly for session fees and payment options. 

Support Groups

Help us to feel less isolated and know we are not alone; that other people have been through something similar. We offer a safe space to sit, listen and open up when/if you feel ready. To help support one another by just our mere presence. Suggested topics/groups: Grief, DV, Sexual Trauma, Divorce/Infidelity, Parents that "just need a break!" "We don't heal in isolation, but in community." -S. Kelley Harrell

*Support Groups are on hold until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions. We will continue to update as regulations change. 

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